Deglazing your vehicle

  • Deglazing your vehicle

    There is no contradiction, we have all noticed that the cold is well and truly installed here and the snow should soon arrive!

    Eventually, we will have to begin our winter routine including starting the vehicle to warm it up and de-icing the windshield, windshield wipers and windows. So we thought this article could be useful to make your life easier this winter!

    So here is a compilation of our best tips for deglazing windows and your car quickly

    Use a spray solution

    The recipe is simple: mix ⅔ rubbing alcohol with ⅓ water, put the solution in a bottle with a spray tip and sprinkle directly on the glass. You will see the ice disappear immediately. This option is safe for bodywork and rubber. You can also keep the product in the vehicle without freezing because the freezing point of the rubbing alcohol is -114 degrees.

    Cover your wipers

    Do you have old stockings hanging around at home? Why not use them on your windshield wipers to avoid freezing. We suggest leaving them standing to avoid having to hit them on the windshield and risk damaging them.

    Make some air!

    Leave an open window of about 2 millimeters at all times to prevent interior windows from freezing

    A little water?

    Pour warm water on the ice of your windshields and windows before de-icing

    Set up an ice protection

    Whether it's a piece of cardboard, a tarpaulin or a towel, put a protection on your windshields to prevent the formation of ice. Above all, do not forget to put it the day before!

    Park in front of East

    If your location permits, park east facing to receive the sun's rays in the morning. How to know where is the East? It's easy! If you park in the evening, go back to the setting sun. The sun will rise to its opposite!

    Use the help of a lubricant

    To reduce the risk of frost on the doors, coat them with a lubricant specially designed for them. You can find this product in big box stores.